Lethbridge Landmarks

Insulation Lethbridge loves to help pass along information as to what has contributed to the history of Lethbridge, Alberta.  The City of Lethbridge has many notable objects that deserve special mention.  Below are only a few of the special landmarks that give Lethbridge its unique history along with some that are in and around our service areas!.

Lethbridge Bridge

The High Level Bridge

Definitely one of Lethbridge’s greatest and well known landmarks is the High Level Bridge.  This CPR rail line has stood the test of time and is still used today with numerous trains crossing the bridge throughout the day.

Pedestrian Bridge

Coalbanks Crossing Pedestrian Bridge

Pedestrians and Cyclists can now enjoy safe access across the Oldman River while enjoying a breathtaking view of the rivervalley. Built in 2003, this walking bridge crosses over the Oldman River and runs parallel to Whoop-Up Drive (connecting the South and West sides of Lethbridge).

Lethbridge Watertower

The Old Water Tower

Built in 1958 the old water tower held a capacity of 300,000 Gallons or 1,135,620 Litres. In 2003 it was sold to a developer who turned it into a restaurant.

Giant Wind Gauge

Giant Wind Gauge

This was a centennial project funded by the Royal Canadian Legion. It is located on Scenic Drive the corner of Mayor Magrath Drive South (in the tourist information parking lot). Lethbridge is one of the sunniest and warmest cities in Canada but it is also the frequent beneficiary of a phenomenon called the Chinook, a warm west wind providing above freezing breaks throughout the winter season.

Stone Sculpture

Stone Sculpture

A local artist Ms. Daryl Civitarese proposed to supply a sculpture which would promote rock sculpture in the area. The sculpture “Generations Celebrating Families” is a grandfather carrying his grandchild on his shoulders.

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