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Attic Insulation Top Up

Adding more insulation to an existing attic insulation system is referred to as attic insulation top-ups. If you want to improve the building’s energy efficiency, lower energy expenditures, or address concerns with drafts or temperature variations, then you will be pleased with our insulation services.

There are several methods for adding insulation to an existing attic:

  • Blown-in insulation: This method uses loose fibers like cellulose or blown in fiberglass insulation to be blown into the attic through small holes cut in the ceiling or via an entry point. It is a quick and straightforward approach to add insulation to an existing attic that does not need removing the present insulation. Here at Insulation Lethbridge we use blown in fibreglass.
  • Batt insulation: Using huge sheets or rolls of fiberglass or mineral wool insulation between attic joists. It is a more time-consuming alternative because it requires hand-installing the insulation and may need to remove the current insulation first, depending on the insulation technician’s assessment.
  • Spray foam insulation: Completed by spraying a liquid foam insulation material into the attic, which expands and hardens into a solid foam (which closed cell spray foam is greater for).  This quick and straightforward method of adding insulation to an existing attic as it has the potential to cover minor gaps and uneven places, as well as even used as a commercial spray foam insulation application.

Adding insulation to an existing attic may be a cost-effective strategy to increase a building’s energy efficiency and save energy expenditures.

Choosing the right type of insulation for the attic’s needs is essential, so having our professional insulation company assess and provide you with appropriate options is the key to ensuring its proper completion.

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Top Up Ceiling Insulation

There are various advantages of adding more ceiling insulation:

  • Improved energy efficiency: Adding more insulation to an existing ceiling can enhance a building’s energy efficiency by lowering the heat lost and gained through the ceiling in the winter and summer. Improving overall building comfort and minimizing energy expenses is the goal.
  • Reduced drafts: By providing a tighter barrier between the ceiling and the rest of the building, adding insulation to an existing ceiling can assist in minimizing drafts.
  • Improved temperature control: By limiting the amount of heat lost through the ceiling in the winter and gained through the ceiling in the summer, adding insulation to an existing ceiling can assist in balancing out temperature changes within a structure.
  • Noise reduction: Adding insulation to an existing ceiling can assist in minimizing noise from outside as well as noise from other sections of the structure.

Top Up Loft Insulation

Loft insulation may need to be topped up for many reasons, including age, insufficient coverage, heating, and cooling needs changes, and damage.

Home insulation can lose effectiveness over time due to settling, compression, or exposure to pests or moisture. As a result, older insulation may need replacing or, if in decent shape, must be topped up to maintain its effectiveness. In some cases, the existing loft insulation may need more coverage to adequately insulate the building, resulting in drafts, temperature fluctuations, and high energy costs.

Topping up the insulation can improve the energy efficiency of the building and reduce energy costs. The insulation needs of a building can change due to the heating and cooling systems, the size of the building, or how the climate affects the building. Topping up the insulation can help ensure that the building is adequately insulated and that energy costs are minimized.

Insulation can also become damaged over time due to pests, moisture, or other factors. Topping up the insulation can help repair the damage and restore the effectiveness of the insulation.

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