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Insulation services in Raymond, Alberta and the surrounding area. Our familiarity with the local weather means we know exactly what our homes and businesses need to withstand the seasonal temperature challenges.

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We provide insulation services to Raymond, Alberta, and the neighboring areas. Our dedication to transparent communication and thorough cleanup after projects is a significant factor in the overwhelming success of our offerings. Insulation Raymond is a local company that can answer any questions or resolves any problems.
Blown-in insulation refers to insulation that is installed by blowing it into the walls, attic, and other parts of a structure with specialized equipment. It has a strong resistance to heat flow and is produced from fibers like fiberglass, cellulose, or mineral wool; specific versions are made from recycled materials (making them eco-friendly). The insulation value of blown-in insulation is preserved over time since it does not compress. It’s also simple to install and can be used to cover gaps.
Spray foam insulation is an excellent and easy-to-use option that Insulation Raymond is pleased to make available to consumers to answer their insulation requirements. Because of its high R-value and capacity to prevent air leaks in even the most inaccessible regions, it is an excellent material for use in projects involving energy efficiency and remodeling. This insulation choice is simple to put in place and has the potential to significantly boost the energy efficiency of a home.

Batt Insulation

Batt insulation, commonly known as roll insulation, is a practical and cost-effective option for improving your home’s energy efficiency. It is constructed of fiberglass fibers and comes in substantial cut rolls that fit between a house’s structure. Our experts can efficiently cut and position the insulation where needed, making the installation easy. While it has a lower R-value than other insulation materials, it is still a good choice for sealing air leaks and decreasing energy loss.

Pole Barn Insulation

Because of its high R-value and long-lasting durability, closed-cell spray foam insulation is an excellent choice for pole barns. Because of its high R-value, this insulation effectively traps warm air inside the structure, which is critical for pole barns. The closed-cell spray foam forms a solid barrier within the pole barn, enhancing insulation and reinforcing the structure. Our pole barn application is simple and ensures a secure fit, allowing warm air to be retained over the cold months. Overall, closed-cell spray foam insulation is viable and cost-effective for pole barns.
Our commercial insulation service in Raymond is committed to assisting you with your industrial insulation requirements. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in determining the optimum insulation material for your manufacturing, whether it be spray foam or another solution. Insulating an industrial building can be complex, but employing high-quality materials can significantly increase the building’s warmth, dryness, and structural stability. We are professionals in the insulation of steel buildings and other commercial and industrial structures, and we are eager to help you in any way we can.
We specialize in employing spray foam insulation to insulate many roof types, including flat roofs, garage roofs, and metal roofs. Heat can easily escape via the roof, ceiling, and walls. Therefore a well-insulated rooftop is critical for ensuring indoor comfort. Choosing the appropriate insulation for a range of roof types can be challenging, including various pitches, slopes, and other aesthetic qualities. As a result, we provide free roof inspections and expert advice to assist customers in selecting the best insulation for their needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can increase your home’s energy efficiency.
Insulated Attic
Insulating the attic is a simple solution to save energy bills and improve the comfort of your house. Insulation Raymond’s contractors offer a variety of attic insulation solutions, including loose-fill (blown-in), batt, spray foam, and foam. During an attic assessment, our technicians will discover any concerns and thoroughly clean the area. If you are still determining whether you need to replace or add to your existing insulation, our experts can assist you in making the right choice. Take the chance to reduce your energy expenditures and enhance the general comfort of your home.
Insulated Basement
The insulation of unfinished basements can significantly enhance the comfort of homes with heated floors on the main level. Before beginning any basement insulation project, our team at Insulation Raymond conducts a comprehensive evaluation to ensure the result is durable. If you are interested in enhancing the comfort of your basement, our insulation specialists are available to assist you. We have helped numerous homes and even businesses in Raymond, Alberta, with their basement insulation requirements, and we would be delighted to assist you as well. Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.
Crawl Space Insulation
If you are considering installing or replacing the insulation in your crawlspace and want to increase the comfort of your house, consider insulating your air ducts. Insulating the crawlspace beneath your home is an excellent way to keep out insects, air, and moisture. When insulating your crawlspace, you have several alternatives, including polystyrene foam boards, batt insulation, or a mix of the two. Spray foam insulation may be the most effective option if you’re particularly concerned about moisture and air intrusion.
Garage Insulation
Insulating your garage can save you money on energy expenditures and make the room more practical and warm throughout the winter. Insulation Raymond acknowledges that many individuals utilize their garages for storage and suggests insulating the area to create a temperature-controlled environment. A garage can be insulated with spray foam, batts, and blown air, among other things. Due to its high R-value and efficient temperature regulation, closed-cell spray foam is popular.

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Our company strives to provide the best service possible to the residents of Raymond, Alberta. We are proud to provide references that can attest to the high quality of our work and the care we take to leave your property in top condition. It reflects that we make great efforts to ensure that our work has minimal impact on your property.
Attic insulation looks good and feels good, especially around the dormer which was allowing a lot of heat to escape. Great work ethic!
Charles L


Thanks a lot guys. The crew was very easy to talk with and professional while they did all our of basement insulation. The kids can finally use the space and not complain about it LOL.
Peter M


Great job thank you for what you guys did.
Ellen P


A++ job. Yes you all did a wonderful job and went beyond the insulation with doing the extra work. I know you guys don’t really do that but I couldn’t do it because of my issues. Really good
Reid I


They went right to work and finished it up in no time.
Martin C


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