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Insulation Services Coalhurst

We provide insulation services in and near by Coalhurst, Alberta. Our services depend straight forward communication which is one of the reasons that separates us from our competitors.

In addition to placing a strong emphasis on the relationship we have with each of our customers, we aim to minimize our foot print while on your property! If you need an insulation installer nearby, call Insulation Coalhurst as we’re experts in insulation and would be delighted to address any of your inquiries!

Also known as loose-fill insulation, blown-in insulation is made especially for filling gaps and voids in walls, floors, attics, and other areas by being sprayed into the required region. It has a good insulating R-value, protecting against temperature fluctuations. Blown-in insulation will improve your overall home insulation making your home more comfortable and enjoyable.

Spray foam insulation is made from polyurethane foam and is becoming a popular and widely accepted insulation alternative. Many people are now using spray foam for their preferred home insulation.  Spray foam insulation holds a high R-value and therefore, when properly applied, offers excellent thermal insulation for homes. No adhesives required or brackets which means spray foam insulation is perfect for transforming living spaces.

Batt Insulation

eeeBatt insulation is the classic, traditional insulation material that most people think of when they hear the term “insulation”. Batt insulation comes in pre-cut fiberglass batts that are usually pink in colour. This classic insulation provides a high r-value and is often used between the exterior wall and drywall of a room. Fiberglass batt insulation is a cost effective way to insulate and has been a popular choice in many renovation projects.

Pole Barn Insulation

Closed cell spray foam for pole barn insulation is often used due to its durability & high r-value. Pole building insulation needs to have a high R-value due to the nature of a pole barn & how easily warm air can escape.  Therefore, the best insulation for a pole barn is spray foam insulation, specifically closed cell spray foam for pole barn insulation. The added benefit to using closed cell spray foam for pole barn insulation is that it actually forms a hard shell on the inside of the building making the buildings structural integrity better.

Our pole barn application is seamless & fast. It creates an airtight seal so that your heat stays inside. We install pole barn roof insulation, pole barn wall insulation, pole barn ceiling insulation and all pole barn insulation needs.

Sound Proofing

If you are looking for an industrial insulation company, look no further. Our contractors are skilled and able to provide outstanding industrial insulation to your facility.  High quality spray foam insulation is the #1 choice for industrial insulation. Insulating industrial buildings comes with its challenges, so using the top quality material will leave you knowing your building is sealed, warm and has enhanced structural integrity. We offer a broad range of insulation options for industrial facilities and for insulation for steel building’s. Our industrial insulation contractors are skilled and able to help you choose the right insulation for your project.

 Because heat rises and escapes through the roof, adding a good roof insulator is important for keeping the warmth inside.Roofs have various slopes and characteristics. We do flat roof insulation,garage roof insulation, metal roof insulation, spray foam insulation for your roof and spray foam on flat roofs as well. Call us for a free inspection of your roof so we can determine how best to insulate 

Insulated Attic

By far the best way to immediately lower the cost of energy use is to insulate your attic! We provide blown-in (loose fill), batt, foam and spray foam options for your attic insulation.

Our attic insulation contractors take their time to assess attics to determine problem areas, work quickly and thoroughly clean up after themselves when finished.

Our attic insulation professionals are available to discuss what is best for your house or business regardless if you need attic insulation replacement or attic insulation topping off.

Insulated Basement

Basement insulation is the solution for homes and businesses who want warm main level flooring or those who want to reclaim their unfinished or partially finished basements living space.

All basements are inspected by our insulation technicians prior to insulation installation to ensure that any issues are identified as once we finish the job we want it to last for years.

Reclaim your basement today by speaking with one of our insulation experts who have helped other Coalhurst, AB residents properly and professionally upgrade their basement.

Crawl Space Insulation

Are you intending to install new insulation in the crawl space under your home? Crawl space insulation is the best solution for hard-to-access airways that make your flooring and home or business feel chilly.

Pests such as insects and rodents that may enter your home through tiny gaps in and around the floor joists are also kept out by crawlspace insulation.

Depending on how wind and sun affect your property, polystyrene foam boards or batt insulation can all be used to insulate crawl spaces. We also provide spray foam insulation for crawl spaces, which creates a barrier and airtight seal between moisture and your property.

Garage Insulation

The energy consumption of your home may be greatly reduced simply by insulating your garage. It will also transform your garage’s seasonal useful space as it will immediately increase the garage’s comfort level during the chilly winter months.

Different insulation options such as spray foam, batt, and blown-in insulation are options for your garage depending on its construction.

Each have their own pros and cons, often with closed-cell spray foam being requested often due to create an insulating barrier with a high r-value

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We have the service experience for residential and commercial projects in the Coalhurst, AB and surrounding community. We’re quick to identify problematic areas and come up with solutions for any unique circumstances.


Get true satisfaction in knowing the job you had us do was finished correctly the first time. We are experts at finding solutions. We take pleasure in our work and enjoy seeing our customers faces when a project is completed.


Budgets are just how life works and we understand this. Our knowledge of what the market rates are in Coalhurst means that you will be given a fair and highly competitive quote for your project that fits your budget well.

Insulation Coalhurst Reviews

From start to finish we always aim to make sure that Coalhurst, AB residents are happy with our work. Check out our reviews and see how others have enjoyed their time with us. We aim to be thorough and minimize our foot print while on your property.
Attic insulation looks good and feels good, especially around the dormer which was allowing a lot of heat to escape. Great work ethic!
Charles L


Thanks a lot guys. The crew was very easy to talk with and professional while they did all our of basement insulation. The kids can finally use the space and not complain about it LOL.
Peter M


Great job thank you for what you guys did.
Ellen P


A++ job. Yes you all did a wonderful job and went beyond the insulation with doing the extra work. I know you guys don’t really do that but I couldn’t do it because of my issues. Really good
Reid I


They went right to work and finished it up in no time.
Martin C



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