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In and around Coaldale, Alberta, we offer insulation services. Clear and straightforward communication is key to our services, setting us apart from our rivals. We value our relationships with customers and work hard to impact their properties as little as possible. Contact us if you require an installer of insulation in the neighborhood. Since we are insulation specialists, we would be delighted to address any of your inquiries.

Blown-in insulation, also called loose-fill insulation, fills voids and gaps in walls, floors, attics, and other places by spraying into the necessary area. It offers protection from temperature changes thanks to its high R-value insulation. Blown-in insulation will improve your home’s overall insulation, making it cozier and more enjoyable to live there.
Polyurethane foam is better known as spray foam insulation, a well-liked and accepted alternative to traditional insulation. Spray foam is now a popular choice for home insulation for many people. When appropriately used, spray foam insulation, which has a high R-value, provides excellent thermal insulation for homes. Because spray foam insulation doesn’t need brackets or adhesives, it’s ideal for remodeling living spaces.

Batt Insulation

Most people think of batt insulation when they hear “insulation” because it is the traditional, classic type. This conventional insulation, which has a high r-value, is seen as pre-cut, pink-colored fiberglass batts and is frequently used between a room’s exterior wall and drywall. Fiberglass batt insulation is a popular option for many renovation projects because it is a cost-effective way to insulate.

Pole Barn Insulation

Due to its durability & high r-value, closed-cell spray foam insulation for pole barn insulation is frequently used. Because of the nature of a pole barn and how easily warm air can escape, pole-building insulation needs to have a high R-value.

Therefore, spray foam insulation or closed cell spray foam for pole barn insulation is the best insulation for a pole barn. Using closed-cell spray foam for pole barn insulation has the added advantage of strengthening the structure of the building by creating a hard shell inside it.

Our pole barn application process is quick and easy. Heat is retained inside the property because it forms an airtight seal while applying pole barns, including the insulation for the ceiling, walls, and roof.

Industrial Insulation

There is no need to search further if you need an industrial insulation company. Our workers are qualified and capable of providing your facility with excellent industrial insulation. The best option for industrial insulation is high-quality spray foam.

Industrial building insulation presents several challenges, so choosing the best material will ensure that your structure is well-sealed, warm, and structurally sound. We provide various insulation options for steel buildings and industrial facilities.

Our industrial insulation specialists are knowledgeable and equipped to assist you in selecting the ideal insulation for your project.

Roof insulation is so important; its primary benefit is that it keeps a building warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which can significantly cut down on energy usage and save money on heating and cooling expenses.

In addition to lowering noise pollution, roof insulation can enhance a building’s comfort. In addition, effective roof insulation can help a roof last longer by shielding it from extreme temperature changes.

Overall, roof insulation is a crucial factor to take into account for any building because it has a significant impact on comfort, durability, and energy efficiency.

Insulated Attic
Insulating your attic is the best way to reduce your energy costs immediately. We offer blown-in (loose fill), batt, foam, and spray foam options for your attic insulation.

Our attic insulation contractors work quickly and thoroughly clean up after themselves after finishing their work. They take their time to assess attics to identify problem areas.

Whether you need attic insulation replacement or attic insulation topping off, our attic insulation specialists are on hand to talk about what is best for your home or business.

Insulated Basement
Basement insulation is the answer for homes and businesses that want warm main-level flooring or want to reclaim their unfinished or partially finished basements as living space.

Before installing insulation, our insulation technicians inspect each basement to look for any problems because we want the work we do to last for many years.

Please speak with one of our insulation specialists, who have assisted other citizens of Coaldale, Alberta, to properly and expertly upgrade their basements and reclaim your basement immediately.

Crawl Space Insulation
Are you planning to replace the insulation in the attic or basement of your house? Crawl space insulation is the best remedy for difficult-to-access airways that make your flooring and home or place of business feel chilly.

Crawlspace insulation also keeps out pests like insects and rodents that could get into your house through little cracks in and around the floor joists.

Crawl spaces can be insulated with polystyrene foam boards, batt insulation, or both, depending on how wind and sunlight affect your property. We also offer spray foam insulation for crawl spaces, which forms a barrier and an airtight seal between moisture and your home.

Garage Insulation
Insulating your garage significantly reduces the amount of energy your home uses. It will also change how your garage is used throughout the year because it will make it more comfortable during the chilly winter.

Depending on the construction of the garage, it may benefit from different insulation options like spray foam, batt, and blown-in insulation.

Each has advantages and disadvantages, but closed-cell spray foam’s popularity is because it produces an insulating barrier with a high R-value.

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Insulation Coaldale Reviews

We always strive to ensure that the people of Coaldale, Alberta are satisfied with our work from beginning to end. See how others felt about their experiences with us by reading their reviews. While on your property, we make a great effort to be thorough and leave a small footprint.
Attic insulation looks good and feels good, especially around the dormer which was allowing a lot of heat to escape. Great work ethic!
Charles L


Thanks a lot guys. The crew was very easy to talk with and professional while they did all our of basement insulation. The kids can finally use the space and not complain about it LOL.
Peter M


Great job thank you for what you guys did.
Ellen P


A++ job. Yes you all did a wonderful job and went beyond the insulation with doing the extra work. I know you guys don’t really do that but I couldn’t do it because of my issues. Really good
Reid I


They went right to work and finished it up in no time.
Martin C



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