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Cardston, Alberta, and the surrounding areas are served by our insulation services. The resounding success of our services may be directly attributed to our commitment to open lines of communication and meticulous post-project cleanup. We’re a nearby insulation company that is happy to help with any insulation-related inquiries or issues.

To insulate a room, insulation is blown into place by a machine, where the term blown-in insulation originates. Increasing the energy efficiency of your home or business in this way is a cost-effective and efficient approach to cutting down on your expenses in this area.

The three most common varieties of blown-in insulation are loose-fill fiberglass, cellulose, and rock wool, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. It’s excellent for retrofitting since it can fill up cracks and openings and keep the heat inside the house. It can also help keep the outside quiet while you relax inside. Here at Insulation Lethbridge we use blown in fiberglass insulation

Spray foam insulation is a high-efficiency material used in either brand-new buildings or existing homes to improve energy efficiency. Its flexibility makes it suitable for a wide variety of locations, including basements, external walls, and even attics. It has a high R-value and creates an airtight seal, both of which contribute to greater energy efficiency and reduced utility costs.

It prevents moisture buildup and drafts by functioning as a vapor and insulating barrier. Improved energy efficiency from spray foam insulation can recoup the cost of the material over time through reduced power bills.

Batt Insulation

Insulate your floors, walls, ceilings, and attics with batt insulation, which is made of either rock or fiberglass. Used to fill in the framing of a house and available in pre-cut panels or rolls. New wall insulation is the cheapest and most convenient option, but it might be inefficient if not correctly put in due to air gaps.

Batt insulation is most effective when it is cut to length after it has been installed, when there are no gaps or voids in the insulation, and when it fits firmly around electrical boxes and wires. Batt insulation is long-lasting, versatile, and energy-efficient.

Pole Barn Insulation

Insulating a pole barn can save heating and cooling costs, extend the life of the building, and help preserve the environment. Spray foam, fiberglass, and foam board are the most typical options for pole barn insulation.

While an expanded polystyrene board is more eco-friendly, rigid foam board insulation is water-resistant and can prevent mildew growth. Both extruded and expanded polystyrene foam boards are helpful for exterior walls because of their light weight and ease of installation.

Closed-cell spray foam insulation is long-lasting, forms an air seal, and aids in temperature and humidity regulation. Spray foam is not only pest- and insect-resistant but also has a class-one fire rating and is harmless to the environment.

As a continuous insulating and air-sealing barrier that may improve soundproofing, reduce allergies, and block off insect access points, spray foam insulation is an effective and sustainable alternative for commercial buildings.

Because of its polyurethane construction, it is fireproof and can significantly reduce the likelihood of damage, the cost of any necessary insurance, and utility expenses. New retail and commercial buildings frequently employ spray foam because it is the most effective insulation.

We have the qualifications to install entire air barrier systems in commercial structures.

Insulating a roof can have several beneficial effects: including lowering a building’s carbon footprint, lowering utility costs, increasing the building’s fire rating, providing mold resistance in insulation, reducing condensation inside the building, and minimizing roof deck expansion and contraction caused by changes in temperature.

It creates a thermal barrier that helps prevent heat loss and helps control moisture in the structure by preventing warm interior moisture from reaching an uninsulated surface and potentially causing mold issues. Moisture control is helped by preventing it from getting an uninsulated surface and potentially causing mold issues.

Insulated Attic
Saving money on energy bills, preventing ice dams in the winter, improving air quality, adding value to the home, making the attic a more usable space, discouraging pests, shielding the structure from moisture, enhancing the efficiency of the HVAC system, being environmentally friendly, reducing condensation, and muffling noise are just some of the many advantages of having an adequately insulated attic.

In addition to relieving allergy symptoms, it can help stop ice dams from forming on your roof. Insulation for an attic can be installed from a wide range of materials, including spray foam and fiberglass batt or cellulose, mineral wool, or blown-in fiberglass.

Insulated Basement
Insulating a basement makes the flooring warmer in the winter and helps maintain a consistent temperature throughout the house. The “stack effect,” energy expenses, and drafts are reduced. Insulating a basement’s walls is preferable to insulating the ceiling because it stops cold air from seeping through the concrete floor.

The basement walls can be sealed and protected with spray foam or rigid foam insulation, however, this depends on the sort of foundation you have. Insulating a basement can also prevent mold growth by keeping moisture out. At Insulation Cardston, we excel at basement insulation services.

Crawl Space Insulation
Adding insulation to a home’s crawl space can make a living in the area above it more bearable by keeping draughts out and the temperature stable.

Preventing pollutants from entering the building and settling on walls and ducting can help improve indoor air quality. In addition to protecting against pests and increasing the efficiency of the HVAC system, crawl space insulation can save money and resources.

Crawl space insulation is best done using spray foam since it is easy to install, has a high R-value, creates an air and moisture barrier, and fills in cracks and crevices.

Garage Insulation
Insulating Cardston knows an insulated garage in has tonnes of potential benefits. From making it useable year-round, improving the temperature of neighboring rooms, making the home quieter, reducing energy bills, boosting the home’s value, creating a more comfortable transition between the house and automobile, and protecting the car from the impacts of high temperatures.

It also helps protect tools and equipment from temperature fluctuations, making DIY operations more pleasant. Garage insulation and heating can also assist in minimizing moisture and humidity, which can contribute to mold and pest growth.

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Without a doubt, we are the premier business in all of Cardston, Alberta. Just ask one of our happy clients to see if we live up to our claims. If you hire us, you can rest assured that your property will be left looking better than when we found it. We also take great care to avoid making mistakes and are pretty considerate, and we guarantee that you won’t be let down.
Attic insulation looks good and feels good, especially around the dormer which was allowing a lot of heat to escape. Great work ethic!
Charles L


Thanks a lot guys. The crew was very easy to talk with and professional while they did all our of basement insulation. The kids can finally use the space and not complain about it LOL.
Peter M


Great job thank you for what you guys did.
Ellen P


A++ job. Yes you all did a wonderful job and went beyond the insulation with doing the extra work. I know you guys don’t really do that but I couldn’t do it because of my issues. Really good
Reid I


They went right to work and finished it up in no time.
Martin C


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