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Blown-In Insulation

One of the most efficient insulation materials for attics and wall cavities is blown-in insulation. It may be installed quickly and easily to keep your house as cozy as possible. Our blown-In insulation contractors can help you optimize your home & help you save energy and money, whether you require blown-in insulation services for walls or an attic. If you are looking for companies that do blown in insulation then you have come to the right place.

Our contractors will assess the space that needs to be insulated and recommend the proper thicknesses to reach maximum heat conservation in your home. Installing blown-in insulation will significantly reduce your energy bill. The cost of blown-in insulation varies depending on the size of the home and the type of insulation already used, but the savings more than offset the expense.

Blown-in insulation has a high R-value. Talk to our blown insulation contractor about what thickness you require for your home as we can provide insulation top ups.  If you are looking for “blown in insulation near me”, give us a call!

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Blown In Attic Insulation

Blown attic insulation companies like to emphasize the significant benefits that come from installing blown-in attic insulation. Blowing insulation into your building creates a barrier that prevents energy from being lost from within to outside. This provides a significant cost savings as heat conservation will significantly reduce energy costs. Additionally blown attic insulation shields your house from the winter’s bitter cold and the summer’s sweltering heat. Here at Insulation Lethbridge, we use blown-in fiberglass insulation

Most blow in insulation companies will emphasize the need for added protection against the harsh Alberta winters that we face.  Since the underused and uninhabited regions of a home or building frequently account for the majority of heat and cold air loss, blown in house insulation is crucial, especially in the attic where most of the temperate air escapes from. A building; whether residential or commercial that is properly insulated will not struggle with climate management and in-turn will reduce the wear and tear on your HVAC system, promoting its longevity. If you are looking for blown in attic insulation near me then call us to discuss your blown house insulation needs today!

Blown In Insulation Cost

Without insulation, your home may lose up to 85% of its heat over the winter. We are sure you would rather spend your money in ways other than heating the great outdoors!

The cost of blown-in insulation varies depending on a few factors which include 

  • The square footage of space to be insulated
  • Existing Insulation types and quantity
  • Are there rafter vents in place

If you have this information we can give you a rough phone estimate, just give us a call or get a free quote. Otherwise, call us and schedule a FREE in person inspection.

Keep up-to-date on the energy rebate opportunities that might be available. Or ask us and we can let you know how you can take advantage of government incentives to help cover the cost of insulation.

Blown-in insulation will significantly reduces the cost of heating your home. The cost savings on your energy bills will far outweigh the initial investment of having it installed. Call our blow in insulation company and talk to one of our contractors to get an accurate quote.

Blown In Wall Insulation

Do you have questions about adding wall insulation to an existing home? Blown-in wall insulation is a form of insulation where small holes are filled in the structure using a machine that blows the insulation into the wall cavity. It is generally composed of loose fibers, such as mineral wool, cellulose, or fiberglass, which is blasted at high pressure through a hose into the wall cavity. At Insulation Lethbridge we use blown-in fiberglass insulation which is ideal for blowing insulation into existing walls is a technique that can be done but requires an assessment in advance.

Blow in wall insulation companies need to provide a thorough distribution for the uniform installation of insulation across the wall, which is an advantage for blown-in wall insulation as it may fill in irregularities and tiny gaps inside the wall cavity. We have used this process in new construction and retrofit projects.

When adding insulation to walls our insulation contractors may first make tiny holes in the walls to access the wall cavity before installing blown-in wall insulation (this depends entirely on an assessment conducted prior to installation). The insulation material is then blown into the hole by the insulation machine, filling it. After sealing all such gaps, your walls will now be correctly insulated.

Adding insulation to existing walls can really improve the home insulation efficiency. If you have moved into an older home that was not properly insulated, or you are not sure if you have insulation in your existing walls, call us to discuss if adding blown in insulation to existing walls in your home is an option.


Types of Blown-In Insulation

Numerous commonly used blown-in insulation materials, including cellulose blown in insulation, stone wool, and fiberglass blown in insulation each have special qualities that make them ideal for particular purposes. Different blown in insulation companies may use different ones depending on the services they offer.

Here at Insulation Lethbridge we use fiberglass blown in insulation. Alberta winters can be some of the harshest in Canada. Why do we use fiberglass instead of cellulose? While Cellulose insulation is an effective insulator, it can retain moisture. With the temperature fluctuations that we experience here in Lethbridge, the opportunity for condensation to develop is frequent.

Neither cellulose or fiberglass insulation are meant to be soaked in water, however between the two, if exposed to water- fiberglass will be more moisture resistant. Therefore, fiberglass insulation is a wise choice and also a powerful insulator to keep a home warm through the winter and cool in the summer. Our blown insulation installers can answer any questions you have and provide education on the different types of insulation and their advantages.

The type of insulation should be carefully considered and your space properly assessed. Heat will try to find any crack it can to escape so choosing a type that will adequately protect against this is important. Whether you need blown in attic insulation or blown in insulation for walls, We can discuss what is best for your space and provide you with a free assessment. So if you are looking for a “blown insulation contractor near me” then give us a call. We are local! 


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